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March 27th, 2007 

Minorities Ask Govt to Address Demands
Himalayan Times – Kathmandu,Nepal
miserable condition without food, clothes and shelter according to the survey done by Luthuram World Federation and National Dalit Welfare Society of Nepal.

Access to education helps end discrimination
Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal
He informed that the government has already allocated Rs 25000 to all the VDCs meant for the dalits and has also formed District Dalit Coordination

March 14th, 2007 

Dalit communities seek reservation
Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal
In the program, chaired by the President of the Federation Bombahadur Bishwokarma, Min Biswokarma of Nepali Dalit Association, Vice President of Nepal Dalit

Ethnic Nepalis try to break centuries’-old power
Reuters AlertNet – London,England,UK
Those at the bottom of the Hindu social heap, the dalits or ‘untouchables’, say the Maoists used to punish high-caste landlords for exploiting low-caste

Paradox of the Southasian welfare state
Himal Southasian – Kathmandu,Nepal
Cooperatives refuse to buy milk from cows owned by Dalits. Village water points are segregated, and Dalit women cannot collect water at the ‘upper-caste’

In search of Justice
By Guru(pradhyapak)
But, what happens when one accuses of one vice-chancellor, one dean and one registrar of harassing a dalit to kill himself? People can not decide the fate of a VC like that of a politician. The fate of VC needs to be decided by senate,

March 13th, 2007


Nepal’s Interim Parliament Amends Interim Constitution
All Headline News – USA
Amending the Article 33 (D) of the Interim Constitution, the Bill has stated that Madheshee, dalits, ethnic janajatis, women, laborers, peasants,

All fired up and nowhere to go
By madhesi
Jwala Singh, real name Nagendra Paswan, proves that you do not have to climb very high to become a powerful dalit in Nepal. In this case, the head of the most violent—but not the most important or largest—faction of the JTMM.

March 7th, 2007

Challenges of Democratic Nation Building in Post-Monarchy Nepal
International Nepal Solidarity Network – Nepal
Left forces with their commitment to federalism, autonomy and rights of janjatis, dalits, minorities and Madhesis enjoyed wide-ranging support from the

“Lasting Peace Can Be Restored By Greater Women Involvement in
Women, Dalits, Janajatis and Madhesis should be included proportionally. Moreover, the women should not merely be included as showpiece.

Roads To Poverty Alleviation
Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal
It is centered in marginalized people, dalits, women headed households etc. mainly, women of mountain region are suffering from poverty.

‘Secure population based CA seats for Dalits’ – Gorkhapatra
‘Secure population based CA seats for Dalits’ Gorkhapatra, Nepal – 5 hours ago Ganesh BK of National Dalit Commission emphasised the need to make provision for representation based on population, inclusion of Dalit in constitutional …

People’s Daily Online — Nepal declared untouchability
A website by the People’s Daily newspaper; China, business, world, science, education, sports news and commentaries.

Free of Discrimination and Untouchability? – OhmyNews International
Nepal’s House of Representatives (HoR) on Sunday (June 4, 2006) unanimously announced Nepal as a state free of discrimination and untouchability,

EC holds discussion with Janajatis, Dalits
A team of indigenous leaders led by Pasang Sherpa, president of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NFIN) also suggested the EC to translate the

March 5th, 2007 RPP demands statute amendment Gorkhapatra, Nepal –

Constitution of Nepal and making provisions for reservation to indigenous and nationalities, backward Terai people, Madheshis, women, Muslims, Dalits RPP demands reservation; Prachand meets RPP chief Rana

Being ‘Modern’ in Nepal Nepal Monitor – Statesboro,GA,USA Women, Dalits, janajati, and Madhesi are some of the new identities which lead new social movements in Nepal. In this context, the new form of identity as

Nepal Interim Constitution 2007 and New Constitution: Social Inclusion By drona It says that any person whose father or mother is a citizen of Nepal shall be eligible for acquiring citizenship of Nepal. • Some socio- economic rights have been recognized. Prohibiting the untouchability; right to employment and

March 4th, 2007

Expert Calls for More Participatory Constituent Assembly Himalayan Times – Kathmandu,Nepal Speaker of the interim legislature Subas Chandra Nembang also stressed the participation and voices of Dalits, Madhesi people, women, indigenous and

Interaction with Ian Martin at the Asia Society, New York. PeaceJournalism.comNepal Now the others aside from the Madhesis, such as the Janjatis, Dalits and women also want a fair representation in the system.

March 3rd, 2007

Bahunists and Bahunism – A mini-Dissertation on the Caretakers of … By NepaliPerspectives(NepaliPerspectives) Ask any Janajati, Dalit, Newar, Madhesi (or non-Brahmin individual) – he or she will provide you a dissertation on what “Bahun-baad” is and exactly how much damage the Bahunists have done to the idea of liberal democracy in Nepal. …

March 2nd, 2007

Delay in formation of interim govt due to PM: Nepal Kantipur Online – Kathmandu,Nepal Nepal also stressed on the need to include all communities like Dalits, people from different nationalities and those from underprivileged groups in the

Decision on interim govt soon: Prachanda Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal The Maoist leader said that anti-social elements were raising their heads as the demands of Madheshis, dalits, indigenous and women were not properly

Kala-azar claims five in Saptari SAPTARI, March 1 – With the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division failing to control the epidemic, five people died of Kala-azar in a dalit community. ……..

Nepal’s Ethnic Minorities Strike to Demand Political RightsPrime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala announced Feb. 7 that the interim constitution will be amended to ensure the Madhesi community, the Janajati and Dalit peoples and women’s and minority groups participate in “all organs of the state.” …..

Summary of the first conference on the rights of Dalit women By Justitia et Pax Netherlands(Peter Ferguson ( This report summarises the proceedings and the outcomes the 1st Conference on the Rights of Dalit Women held in The Hague, Netherlands. The conference highlights how in South Asia that is, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri

Elections In November By Paramendra Bhagat(Paramendra Bhagat) 40% seven parties, 25% Madhesi Alliance, 25% Janajati Alliance, 10% Dalit Alliance, 1/3 women in each category. Upendra Yadav interim president, Om Gurung, interim vice president. Conduct a census. Issue citizenship papers to 60 lakh

March 1st, 2007

A country in interim Himal Southasian – Kathmandu,Nepal It is also likely that Dalits from both the hills and the Tarai will be the next to rise. The Maoists have raised unrealistic and impractical hopes of

End atrocities By Guru(pradhyapak) His atrocities have already led to untimely death of one Dalit member of KU. Such unpleasant incidents would not have happened but for the threats, intimidations and coercions of Suresh Raj regime in KU. Almost all the faculties and Kathmandu University and Change –

Sushil reminds Maoists of understandings Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal Speaking at a programme organised by the Nepal Dalit Association Central Committee at Pokhara today, NC Vice President Koirala warned that the threats of

Interim Crisis or Interim Learning? Nepalnews.comKathmandu,Nepal Granted, the Interim Constitution adds whole sections on The Right to Equality and Rights against Untouchability and Racial Discrimination (articles 13 and

OneWorld U.S. Home / Today’s News – Nepal Decleared Untouchability A meeting of the House of Representatives declared Nepal an untouchability-and-discrimination-free country. The historic declaration is considered a

Terai in grip of strikes once again Kantipur Online – Kathmandu,Nepal Meanwhile, Maoist affiliated Dalit Mukti Morcha, Kirant Rashtriya Mukti Morcha and Magar Mukti Morcha, Dhankuta have expressed their solidarity towards the February 26th, 2007

Bandh Cripples Life in Few Terai Districts Himalayan Times – Kathmandu,Nepal Life in Siraha, Saptari, Udaypur and Sunsari districts was crippled today due to a bandh called jointly by the Dalit Janajati Party and Pichada Barga  

 February 25th, 2007

Dignity for all Nepali Times – Kathmandu,Nepal No sooner do the madhesis, janajatis, dalits, women, and others begin demanding their fair share in a future Nepal, than the predictable laments over an old

WB reaffirms support for Nepal’s peace process Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal It will also help improve access for academically qualified under-privileged students, especially girls, dalits and educationally disadvantaged janajati, Two Things To Do To Prevent April Kranti III By Paramendra Bhagat(Paramendra Bhagat) Each party would go in with a list. The list would have reservations. Every third name must be female, two of every three of those must be Dalit, Madhesi, Janajati women. Two of every five names must be Dalit, Madhesi, Janajati.

Dalit Voice By Venu(Venu) Pushpa Kamal Dahal heading the Maoist Party of Nepal is better known by his name Prachanda. His 11-year-old violent fight against the Nepalese Govt. has killed thousands and thousands of cadres, mainly Nepali Dalits.

WB discusses interim strategy to support Nepal peace process Nepalnews.comKathmandu,Nepal It helps improve access for academically qualified under-privileged students, especially girls, dalits and educationally disadvantaged janajati,

OneWorld South Asia Home / Global Partnerships / Views – NEPAL In 1955 Nepal’s revised civil code outlawed untouchability; in 2002 the government created the National Dalit Commission; and three years ago a new

HURIGHTS OSAKA – Dalits in Nepal: Story of Discrimination Nepal retains its centuries-old caste system. Dalits, the discriminated Existing Practices of Caste­Based Untouchability in Nepal and Strategy for a

RIGHTS-NEPAL: Untouchability Persists Despite Ban Neighbouring India, which is socially and culturally similar to Nepal, made untouchability a punishable offence more than half-a- century ago and also

Berkleemusic – Thread – NEPAL…music and the untouchability 2462265. Kiran Rasaily ( music_bhutan ) on December 12, 2004 02:36 am. Subject: NEPAL…music and the untouchability, Reply to

Joseph D’Souza: Nepal – An Untouchability Free Country KATHMANDU, June 5 – A meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) on Sunday declared Nepal as an untouchability-and-discrimination-free country.

Untouchability in Nepal? Shocking!!! « Polite Indian One Response to “Untouchability in Nepal? Shocking!!!” RS Says: September 23rd, 2006 at 1:56 pm. If I am not mistaken Nepal used to be the only Hindu

Free of Discrimination and Untouchability? – OhmyNews International Nepal’s House of Representatives (HoR) on Sunday (June 4, 2006) unanimously announced Nepal as a state free of discrimination and untouchability,

February 23rd, 2007

The Dalits and Dalit Women of the Terai The Dalits and Dalit Women of the Terai. By Professor Hari Bansh Jha. Constituting some 20 per cent of the total population in Nepal, the untouchables,

The Rising Nepal As Dalit women are lagging behind the most among other women of the country, they should be strongly represented in the task of building New Nepal through

Terai Dalit Women – Violation of Political Rights Terai Dalit women are a linguistic minority in Nepal and have to suffer discrimination due to their caste and gender. It could be said that they have to

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Rights and Social Inclusion of Terai Dalits. This is a three years project funded by European Union and will be. implemented jointly by CARE Nepal and Dalit

National The Telegraph – Weekly (Nepal) Combating Violence against Dalit Women of the Terai. Dr. Hari Bansh Jha, Kathmandu. Many of the Dalit organizations in Nepal believe that the population of

South Asian Media Net Terai dalit Women – Violation of Political Rights By Prakash A. Raj. Ethnicity and Rights: A Guide to the Study of Discriminatory Social Relations in Nepal

Project Page the arid southern zone of Nepal. One forthcoming study by the Dutch agency SNV is said to find incredible levels of poverty among the Terai Dalit.

Dalit Welfare Organisation (DWO) Briefing Paper on Dalit Rights and Democracy Crisis in Nepal Terai agitation continues unabated; curfew in Biratnagar, Chanranigahpur – 2007-02-01

Promoting Human Rights and Social Inclusion of Terai Dalits in Nepal. Promoting Human Rights and Social Inclusion of Terai Dalits in Nepal. Terai Dalits, along with other Dalit groups, have for centuries been classified by

International Nepal Solidarity Network Nepal Dalit Liberation Front (Unified) submits ultimatum to PM of Nepal Sadbhavana Party (Anandi Devi), provides his views on the Terai situation.

OHCHR-Nepal: report tabled to Human Rights Council International Nepal Solidarity Network – Nepal Discrimination on the basis of caste, ethnic, gender, geographic and other considerations has marginalized and excluded millions of Nepalese people from

February 22nd, 2007

Prachanda: Royalists responsible for Madhesi-Pahade rifts Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal Dalits, women and others. Opportunists had instigated the Madhesis to speak against the Maoists and tried to create an obstacle in building a new Nepal, Six Dalit

organizational wings of political parties: statement Six Dalit organizational wings of political parties: statement International Nepal Solidarity Network, Nepal – 22 minutes ago … in receiving the information for research and educational purposes by visiting this site which is designed

Terry’s Travel Log (Blog) Vl – Bhikurpokari, Nepal By World Accord Staff Their membership included 68 women, 36 dalit (or lowest cast) and 25% were physically challenged. Their group success has allowed them to expand their activities into 4 other communities. They now have 8 paid staff and 14 regular Well-Being For All –

Call of the Unity Congress-9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist)…. By Bastar(Bastar) With greater dalit assertion there has been a big increase in attacks on dalits, together with the continuation of existing discrimination due to the disgusting practice of untouchability. The 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) calls on Bhumkal Bastar –

  February 21st, 2007

NC CWC discusses amendment of interim statute Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal held discussion on the topic of amendment of the Interim Constitution, the recent movement in the Terai, Dalit, indigenous nationalities and the Karnali

INSEC year book launched Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal INSEC chairman Subodh Raj Pyakurel and general secretary Kundan Aryal, president of Nepal Association of the Blind Nara Bahadur Limbu, Dalit leader

Nepal’s MPRF to resume peaceful but intensified protests People’s Daily Online – Beijing,China Madhesi people are always referred to people mainly living in southern Nepal’s Terai plains with Indian origin. Dalits are people belonging to lower caste. See all stories on this topic

Constituent Assembly & Election System Challenges For Government Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal Especially, women, Dalits, Janajaties, and Madheshi communities have been opposing the existing election system and have been demanding a proportional See all stories on this topic

Food Sovereignty Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal It greatly helped to popularise the message of food sovereignty amongst the Nepalese peasants, women, agricultural labor, landless farmers, Dalits,

‘We are morally responsible for 15-month rule’ Kantipur Online – Kathmandu,Nepal The King also said Nepal is a kaleidoscope of diverse people – be they indigenous, dalits or those living in villages, cities, or the terai,

 February 20th, 2007

Memo handed over to Speaker Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal made by the reinstated House of Representatives to declare Nepal as a state free from caste discrimination and the practice of ‘untouchability‘.

CSC: Can restorative justice be applied in the context of Nepal? International Nepal Solidarity Network – Nepal They are victims of child marriage, verbal and physical abuse, sexual exploitation, dowry, isolation and untouchability during menstruation etc.

Dalit Liberation Front of Nepal (Unified) submits a Memorandum to Pakistan Christian Post – Karachi,Pakistan In order to abolish untouchability by declaring it as a social crime, a bill must be passed by the legislature and effectively implemented by the state.

Lessions from The Madhesi Movement In Nepal By Nished(Nished) There are four marginalized groups in Nepal, Dalit, Madhesi, Janajati, Mahila. The Dalit are the low caste people, the so called untouchables. And I think they should all just go ahead and convert to Buddhism. Netra Ishwor Parmananda & Sansar… –

New Confrontations, Old Coercion – Nepal There was discrimination among the Pahade (Hill area people) and Madheshi (Plains area people). We were unsatisfied with such abhorrence of caste inside a

Major political Dalit organizations organised a joint meeting By drona In the context of the declaration of Nepal as an untouchability-free nation made on Jestha 21, 2063 BS by the parliament following the peoples’ movement (Jana Andolan 2062/63), untouchability-discrimination must be made a social crime nepaldalitinfo website –

The Riot Act: To the Powers That Be By Mark Gerard Miller People of color in various countries, or, in India, people of low caste, are discriminated against in economic terms. For example, in the United States in 2002 black families had 58 percent of the income white families had and What Pisses You Off? – The Best… –

People Drag Leaders to Democracy By Bishwa madheshis have never been proportionally represented in socio-political institutions, which are dominated by male, upper-caste Hindus from hill areas. Their darker skin has made them obvious targets for discrimination, Lokatantra for a peaceful and… –

Discrimination and Persecution Marxist By Palash Biswas(Palash Biswas) The Framers of the Indian Constitution wanted to dismantle the structure of social discrimination perpetuated by the caste system (a system of social hierarchy) and also the possibility of religious discrimination in independent India. SEZpain –

LEADER OF DEVELOPING COUNTRY By shashwat(shashwat) Despite economic modernization and laws countering discrimination against the lower end of the caste structure and outlawing “untouchability,” the caste system remains an important source of social identification and a potent factor in

February 19th, 2007

OHCHR Nepal Urges Elimination of Social Exclusion, Discrimination Nepal human Rights News – Kathmandu,Nepal Kathmandu, February 18: Nepal must work to address all forms of social exclusion and discrimination against any Nepalese, including Madhesis, Dalits,

Nepal’s King Celebrates 57th National Democracy Day NewsBlaze – Folsom,CA,USA Nepal is a kaleidoscope of diverse peoples – be they indigenous, dalits or those living in villages, cities, terai, hills or the mountainous regions.

Terai: Ending the Deadlock Kantipur Online – Kathmandu,Nepal In his second address, the PM agreed for a federal state structure and proportional participation of Madhesis, Dalits, indigenous people, nationalities,

OHCHR-Nepal: speech by Lena Sundh in Birgunj International Nepal Solidarity Network – Nepal It is essential to address all social exclusion and longstanding discrimination against any Nepalis, including Madhesis, Dalits, indigenous peoples, 

Let my people go World Magazine – USA Most of India’s bonded slaves are “untouchables”—Hinduism’s outcasts now more charitably known as Dalits, or the “downtrodden.” Dalits are desperately poor, …

Friends In Need Friends Indeed – Nepal … of Nepal blocking all transport,” said president of Tharu Kalyankari Sava. “This is a warning as well as suggestion.” At a time when Janjatis, Dalits, …

Solution To The Terai Unrest Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal In Nepal, the Terai people along with the Dalits, indigenous groups, women and ethnic nationalities, since long had been raising their voices for equal …

German House team pledges help in peace Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal … women, dalits, indigenous and ethnic tribes and the yesterday’s rally of the Maoists in Kathmandu, Speaker Nemwang told The Rising Nepal. …

NEPAL:General strike closes schools, transport – Nepal The federation represents 56 ethnic groups such as the Tamangs, Dalits and Gurungs who mostly live in Nepal’s hills and mountains in the northern and …

MPs ask govt to address due demands Gorkhapatra – Kathmandu,Nepal Shankar Prasad Pandey of Nepali Congress said it was not unexpected that Dalit, nationalities, women and Madhesi communities would raise their demand and …

Inclusive constituent assembly stressed – Kathmandu,Nepal Speaking at the interaction organized by Canada Forum for Nepal in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, General Secretary of Joint Forum for Human Rights, …